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Terms & Conditions
  1. Validity
    Terms & Conditions are being updated constantly. The last updated version is principle of business transactions, without specific reference.  

  2. Offers
    Offers are not binding and subject to final confirmation. An order is accepted after a confirmation only. An order is also accepted, if an invoice is issued.  

  3. Prices
    Prices are net prices. VAT does apply.  

  4. Transport
    Goods are sent without insurance. Buyer is responsible for loss or damage during transport.  

  5. Delivery
    Partial shipment is allowed. In case of delay which does not lie in the responsibility of Bistronik, Bistronik hast the right to terminate the order. In any other case buyer must notify Bistronik in written and provide a new delivery time, which is at least two weeks from date of written notification.  

  6. Control
    Buyer is responsible to check quality and quantity immediately after receiving the goods and to inform Bistronik in case of a discrepancy from the order.  

  7. Damage or Quality Deficit
    Damages or quality deficit need to be reported within two days upon receiving the goods. Hidden defects or quality defects need to be reported within two weeks after delivery. A written report must indicate clearly damage or quality deficit. Bistronik must have access to control the products any time.  

  8. Quality Deficit
    Bistronik has the right to eliminate a quality deficit. If a second try fails, customer has the right to demand price reduction or withdraw from the contract / order. Also Bistronik hast he right to withdraw from the contract / order. Customer has no further rights. Customer can not demand any kind of compensation.  

  9. Payment
    Payment terms are net - net after receiving the invoice. There is no reduction of any kind allowed. Late payments after ten days are subject to interest, minimum 5 % above prime lending rate.
    Customer has no right to offset something against our demand or to withhold our products, unless explicitly agreed on or confirmed by a court.  

  10. Conditional sale / Reservation of title
    Bistronik keeps legal ownership of goods sold until they are paid fully. Extend reservation of title does apply.  

  11. Place of Jurisdiction
    For any legal dispute, Germany is place of jurisdiction. International law or regulations of any arbitration court do not apply.  

  12. Severability Clause
    In case that aspects of this terms & conditions are invalid or can not be put in place, it has no effect on the terms & conditions as such. These aspects shall be replaced by regulations which come closest to their intention. The terms & conditions are also valid, if some aspects of the business transaction are not taken in consideration.  

  13. Protection of Data Privacy
    Legal regulations do apply.