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1. What is the secret behind the Contact Grill Concept?

The Contact Grill Concept refers to the process of preparing meals simultaneously from two sides with no turning required. In the past contact grills were used for a small variety of dishes like sandwiches only. Bistronik Contact Grills however are multifunctional and can be used for a variety of dishes.

Not does this concept safe time, energy and space it also offers a unique and unmatched taste.

2. What is special about the Thermo Contact Grill Concept?

Bistronik Thermo Contact Grills come with pressed heating elements which channel the heat directly into the aluminum dia cast plates, known for their fast heat transfer. It does not only reduce energy consumption to a minimum but also saves time and cost.

Both processing special heating elements and manufacturing high quality aluminum dia cast plates require high professional manufacturing experience and know how.

3. What are advantages of Multi Functional Contact Grills?

You can save many kitchen utensils. Whether you grill a steak, prepare an omelet, toast a sandwich or bake pita bread, you only need one Contact Grill which requires only little space

With the use of a casserole you can even cook and prepare almost all dishes that are made in an oven.

4. What is the difference to a Panini or Sandwich Grill?

Panini or Sandwich Grills are usually used for preparing Paninis or Sandwiches only. They offer a limited spectrum of usage. They are made of heavy cast iron plates, which limit flexible usage and are also known for slow heat transfer which lead high energy cost.

5. What is the difference to Diet Grills?

With their non stick coating diet Grills can help to prepare meals with using little or no oil. Normal Diet Grills are household items which are used for a very small selection of meals.

Bistronik Thermo Contact Grills can also be used as Diet Grills. Unlike Diet Grills however they are multi functional and can be used for a large variety of meals. Also they meet highest quality standards and therefore are made predominantly for commercial use.

6. What is important about non stick coating?

Non stick coating must fulfill two important characteristics. It must be durable and offer a high nonstick function towards food. Our experience of over 30 years allows us to offer a perfect combination, a three layer non coating that has lead to highest customer satisfaction.