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Bistronik History

More than 30 years experience in manufacturing and distribution of high quality contact grills were the motivation to establish our new company. The idea behind the Bistronik concept was to understand the needs of customers and offer technical solutions, without losing the touch for the design, a combination of functionality, technology and design so to say. Up to know we are loyal to this concept.

Bistronik Philosophy

Our goal is to produce high quality innovative and multifunctional contact grills which offer our customers far reaching and sustainable advantages. We do this by focusing on our core competence to develop and produce only high quality contact grills Made in Germany for professional use.

Bistronik Made in Germany

We develop our products in Germany only and work with suppliers from the region to turn them into new products. The production then takes place in our plant in Germany only.

Bistronik Quality

Every product is carefully produced fort he needs of our customers and undergo different steps of internal quality control. Only products which fulfill our high quality standards pass the quality control and are offered for sale.

Bistronik Innovation

Permanent optimization of the production process and product quality as well as research of new, innovative products will always remain our main focus.

Bistronik Service

We analyze the needs of our customers carefully and offer individual solutions. Our after sales service is available to provide any assistance needed.