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Made in Germany: Bistronik Thermo Contact-Grills are developed and produced in Germany only.
Multifunctional: With Bistronik thermo contact grills you can toast, grill, fry and bake with one product only. A characteristic that offers far reaching advantages.
Direct Heat Injection: Pressed heating elements channel the heat directly into the heating plates and prevent energy loss. Dia cast aluminum plates observe the heat quickly and spread it evenly.
Energy & Environment: Direct heat injection and high heat conductivity of aluminum lead to enormous time and energy savings and help to preserve the environment.
Healthy Food: High quality three layer non-stick coating allows nearly fat free, healthy preparation of different, tasty meals like fish, meat, poultry, sandwich, omelet, etc.
Juicy Meat: Simultaneous heat from upper and lower heating plates keeps nutritious and tasty juice in the meat.
Fast Preparation: Because of simultaneous heat from upper and lower plates, turning of meals is not necessary. You save 50 % time and increase productivity.
Easy Cleaning: Three layer nonstick coating allows easy and fast cleaning of the heating plates. Quickly you are ready for new, tasty dishes.
Three Layer Nonstick Coating: Three layer high quality non-stick coating is durable on one side and has a high non stick function on the other side, a perfect combination.
Smart Grill: A heat sensor reacts quickly to temperature drops, from frozen food for instance by injecting more heat to ensure constant heating temperatures.
Inoxal Sandwich Plate: An innovative and unique product that combines durability of stainless steel and high heat conductivity of aluminum. Heat is transferred up to ten times faster then common heating systems.
Compact: To prepare different dishes in a traditional way, one needs much more space than with a Bistronik Thermo Contact-Grill, which is very compact and needs little space.